The Bolton Bean

Bolton’s hottest new spot to get a morning pick-me-up.


What people are saying: The freshest buzz in Bolton has been the new coffee and sandwich shop that has opened on Main Street: The Bolton Bean. Recently, the Patterson brothers opened up this cafe, and it seems to be the most popular topic of conversation around town. Reviews have already been posted on Facebook and Yelp as people rave about the food and service. One critique from Yelp says, “Bolton Bean is just what Bolton needed, as well as the surrounding towns. Hard to find good quality coffee. Great service and staff too!”. Other critics have been talking about the quality of the food, saying that it is much better than the increasingly popular fast food chains, and how it is truly made with care. Other customers say the cappuccinos taste similar to the ones they have drank in Italy, exemplifying The Bolton Bean’s pride in authentic foods. Many have also agreed that seating was plentiful and welcoming, as well as the overall design of the cafe.  Most everyone who has written a review has raved about the wonderful food options, as well as the incredible service from the employees, as they greeted each customer with a warm smile.

Our experience: We visited the Bolton Bean for the first time on a Friday at lunch time. Instantly, we noticed the lovely decor: the shop was decorated to be modern, yet rustic. There were also special elements from the prior business, the Salt Box. Many residents of Bolton will appreciate the Salt Box artifacts, because the old candy shop was a symbolic part of the town of Bolton. There are pictures of the old building, which show the amazing transformation from the prior building to the current one. Also, an imaginative element is added by the use of the actual Salt Box sign; by covering the old sign with glass, a historically fascinating and useful coffee table has been created. The decor incorporates the principles and history of the great town it calls home. The interior is very welcoming and comfortable, which makes it a perfect place to eat, study, and relax.

One of the most important elements of the Bolton Bean are the people. The staff were very friendly, which significantly contributed to the positive atmosphere. There was a short line when we were there, but the wait was not long. The staff working the cash register were very extroverted and the owners of the restaurant, the two Patterson brothers, were working behind the counter, which gave the shop a very personal, family-oriented feel. The Bolton Bean actively works to not only cook and serve great food, but also to be friendly and welcoming towards their customers. When we approached the Patterson brothers for a photo, they offered for us to come behind the counter to ensure we took a quality picture. This is just one example of the brothers going out of their way to guarantee that their customers (and reporters) have a satisfying experience.

As for the food, there is no question as to why the Bolton Bean has become the most delectable spot. They serve a variety of breakfast foods and pastries, each looking as delicious as the last. We ordered a “Turkey Terrific” sandwich and a buffalo chicken wrap. The turkey sandwich consisted of thick sliced turkey and fresh apple, which perfectly complemented each other and made a great sandwich. The buffalo chicken wrap was also very delicious. Each of the sandwiches were served with a bag of chips and a pickle, and were under $10. A large variety of enjoyable drinks are offered, and the coffee and several other beverages looked very professional. The Bolton Bean gets their coffee locally. Roasted in Acton, Mass, the coffee regularly served and enjoyed is George Howell Coffee. For extra convenience, there are pre-made options. This includes fresh fruits and veggies that look equally as appetizing.

All in all, the Bolton Bean is a budding new business that everyone should try. Whether it’s a quick stop for a scrumptious breakfast meal, a delicious sandwich, or a piping hot cup of coffee, there is no doubt that you’ll be satisfied. The Chieftain Press wishes the Patterson brothers and The Bolton Bean the best of luck. Good luck in providing wonderful food and service for many years to come!