First Stumble for Canadian Prime Minister


Peter Farrell, Correspondent

Seven months after the election of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he has hit his first bump in the road. However, this incident was not a mistake as politician, but a mistake in manners.

Last October, the Canadian people elected Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party by a large margin as he defeated incumbent president and Conservative Party representative Stephen Harper. Trudeau won by 7.5% and won by more than double digits against all other parties in Canada. The Liberal Party also assumed more 25% more seats in the Canadian Parliament than the Conservative Party.

Trudeau has taken the country by storm with his forward-facing progressive ideas and motivation. The major shift in parties has changed the makeup of parliament greatly after a lengthy period of Harper’s conservative government. According to CNN, it has brought a new sense of “civility” to both parliament and the executive branch of the Canadian government.

So far, Trudeau has avoided the political spotlight in terms of scandals both personal and political. This streak has come to an end as Trudeau seemed to have a physical altercation on the floor of the House of Commons. After the incident, there have been questions about Trudeau’s manners and maturity as the leader of a country. This also raises another point for the Conservative Party to argue as there have been many questions about Trudeau’s age and inexperience. At only 44 years old, he is considered to be very young for the elected leader of a country.

The incident occurred while members of the House of Commons were debating legislation related to assisted suicide. Trudeau appeared to have rushed through a group of people and while gesturing for a politicians to come with him, he elbowed a woman standing to the rear of him. It did not appear intentional at all, however he also did not have any concern for the incident after it happened. This raises concerns again about Trudeau’s temperament and ability to be reserved as a politician and world leader.

Many of the veteran politicians in Parliament were disgusted with Trudeau’s actions and described it as “manhandling” and “molesting”. Supporters of Trudeau, however, disagree and believe the incident to be nothing more than accidental.

 “I believe that it was disrespectful and I would not be proud of our President if he did the same, however I do not believe that it was a big deal,” commented a fellow student when asked about Trudeau’s actions.

This event is a big first hurdle for the young politician, however I believe that he will recover and continue to excel as the Prime Minister of Canada with his pioneering liberal views.