March Drives Nashoba to Madness


March Madness is truly that. The three-week college basketball tournament has captured the attention of students at Nashoba. With large pools of kds competing in friendly opposition, disappointments and triumphs are at all an all-time high in this year’s unpredictable tourney.

One of the characteristics that makes the NCAA tournament so addicting and fun to watch is the unpredictability of the results. Despite their best efforts, experts on the topic can never correctly predict the entire bracket. Predictions from fellow Chieftains ranged from the ‘superpowers’ like Florida or Kansas to the ‘Cinderella teams’ like Oklahoma State, to the ‘I picked them because they have a cool mascot’ teams like Wichita State and Oregon.

According to studies at DePaul University, the odds are absolutely outrageous for someone to pick a perfect bracket with little or no basketball knowledge. Math professor Jeff Bergen stated that chances are 9.2 quintillion to one. Even with some basketball knowledge, the possibility of a perfect bracket are certainly not in your favor. Results indicated 128 billion to one chances of a perfect bracket with limited basketball knowledge. Billionaire Warren Buffett was so sure of these odds that he offered a one billion dollar prize to anyone who predicts a perfect bracket. No one made it out of the first weekend.

“It definitely affects the way I watch the games,” said junior Adam Heislein. “Rooting for the teams I pick certainly outweighs any fandom I have. I love the competitiveness, everyone gets really into it.”

With the first weekend of March Madness over, not one of the 11 million brackets in ESPN remains perfect. Since ESPN started their tournament challenge in 1998, none of the 30+ million entrants have made it out of the second round perfectly. With the second weekend underway, expect more head-banging moments and thrilling games. Comment down below with your best predictions and how well you’ve done so far!