Spring at Nashoba, Photography Style

Nashoba’s spring has been dreary and bleak for the last few days, and has students wishing for warm sun and the heat of summer


Although the rain makes the tables difficult to use, if you look closely you will discover just how gorgeous the rain can be


Even the gooey mud caused by rain is starting to yield beautiful things such as these little purple flowers.


Beware walking outside without rain boots! Large puddles have been springing up that pose a threat to anyone who is not looking for them.


Thanks to the rain, nature is thriving, but hopefully these flowers do not get too waterlogged.


Kaitlyn Tobin (left) and Lydia hogan are managing to enjoy being outdoors even on these cold, rainy May days


Beautiful flowers are growing around the school, hinting that summer is right around the corner.


After Nashoba’s Earth Day, the courtyard looks beautiful even in the rain. Thanks to everyone who participated in the courtyard beautification that day.


The rain is remaining stubborn, like these water droplets here, it seems to be sticking around without any sign of clearing up completely


Due to the rainy spring, plant life is thriving around Nashoba, even getting to the plants and moss under the bleachers.


Wet benches make for difficult seats at spring sport meets, watch out athletes!


Fighting through the rain, spring sports team such as spring track are still going strong.


Even with the dreary weather, if you look closely you can find the beauty that has been coming from it