Reading in the Media

Reading in the Media

Erin Alzapiedi, Contributing Editor

Many surveys and studies show a large decline in the number of teens who actually read, and media is often blamed for this trend. Despite this assumption, a new community of book lovers has emerged creating an entirely new subculture. As the film and media industries continue to grow, the reading community is expanding to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Book to movie adaptations, as well as TV adaptations, have had a huge role in promoting books and exposing students to books they may not have picked up before. Some of these franchises have created new divisions of culture and even inspired young people to write their own stories influenced by their favorite characters.

Franchises such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Twilight Saga have created fandoms, or groups of self-proclaimed super fans, as well as a large merchandise and media market. The sale of clothing, games, coloring books, and other merchandise have encouraged the expansion of these franchises.

Dedicated readers and book reviewers have also used media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube to share their favorite books. BookTubers upload tag and review videos discussing their most recent reads and have started international book clubs in which people can chat online. In the age of social media, readers are able to connect with more people that share their love of reading and literature is reaching wider range of teens.

Thanks to these dedicated and passionate young readers, the publishing industry has remained a competitive field, even in the light of so many changes.