Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Accident or Intentional?

Sean Pokorney, Contributing Editor

The tragedy continues. As the day count grows, it is becoming more and more likely that our questions regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will go unanswered.

Flight 370, flying from Malaysia to Beijing, disappeared off radar on March 8th. The plane and it’s 239 passengers stopped communicating with air traffic control and hasn’t been seen since.

Investigators have determined that the plane veered off its original course; but their attempts to uncover the plane’s current location have proved fruitless. The search region has grown and moved across the Indian Ocean. They have also determined that the plane continued to fly for several hours after losing radio and radar connection. According to CNN, “The evidence is growing that the plane flew for hours after losing contact with air traffic control.”

Why the plane changed course and lost radar connection is still unknown, but there are many developing theories. Some include terrorism and wonder whether the plane was taken to the ocean or a hidden airstrip. According to The Wall Street Journal, “someone might have taken the plane to be used for some other purpose later,” so it’s possible that the plane could have landed at a remote, hidden airstrip.” Others theorize that either one or both of the pilots were on a suicide mission. There is also the possibility of mechanical failure, but many find this unlikely as the course was changed dramatically and there are many backups for failed systems.

At this stage, no theories have been ruled out and the search continues for the missing flight.