Passing the Torch


Patrick McCarter, Correspondent

Nashoba seniors’ remaining days of school are limited. It is coming to a time to leave behind friends and teachers. When the seniors leave, there will be a gap that will need to be filled. And who will take their place? The juniors. 

Nothing can last forever. Everything has its time and everything must come to an end. The seniors’ time at Nashoba has come to a close and it is time for them to start a new chapter in their life. This story has been played before; it is nothing new. As fifth graders the torch was passed down to the fourth graders, as eighth graders the torch was passed down to the seventh graders, and now it is time to pass it down again.

However, this is not a time to be sad. It is time to move on and let a new class take the seniors’ place. And many seniors have advice that they would like to give to the Class of 2017.

Do not over do the whole “Senioritis” scheme. It is not worth it. It is best to just stay on top of homework, the college process, etc., and it will be easy to be in good shape for the rest of the year. 

It is also best not to anger teachers; they devote so much time to preparing students for life beyond high school and they deserve some respect. 

Senior year will be one of the best experiences in high school, and for good reasons too, so take advantage of the many opportunities Nashoba presents and enjoy senior year

Trevor Sicard says to “take it slow. Time goes by very fast and you’ll appreciate your time here more when it comes to an end.”

Jackie Cannon advises, “Do not take seven AP classes.”

And Tim Leach remarks, “[don’t] stress yourself out with classes; time is going to fly by and you are going to miss it. Don’t wish it away.”

Don’t procrastinate on college things. This includes the SATs, applications, and scholarships. Everything has a deadline so make sure to stay up to date. 

So, as a rule-of-thumb: do not stress. Senior year is supposed to be a fun time; one to enjoy and cherish before leaving for college.