Is Twitter Having an Impact on Random Acts of Kindness Week?

It seems as though this years Random Acts of Kindness at Nashoba is disappearing. Random Acts of Kindness is an annual event at Nashoba, giving students the opportunity to go above and beyond and show people what kind of person they are. A random act of kindness can be just about anything. Whether its buying someone a donut or picking up someone’s pencil, every act counts. Last year, Nashoba reported 2400 random acts of kindness. However, this year didn’t seem to be as popular. There are some differences like the fact that people can only report their acts through twitter. The main problems with that is that not everyone has a twitter, which doesn’t allow everyone to share. Approximately 40% of Nashoba has an account, creating an obstacle for other students who don’t have one. Why not have a way where everyone can share their acts? Last year students could write down their acts on a little piece of paper and they were hung up around the cafeteria. People could get a real perspective of all the acts of kindness people have done.

“I think (only using twitter) isn’t going to help us surpass last years number. It is very limiting and clearly not everyone in the school has a twitter”, senior Sage Feltus explains. On improving the event for next year, “Have the papers to write stuff on. It’s so much easier and a lot more fun and interesting”. Talking with junior Jaque Manyak, she was surprised as to the event this year. “We have to do it through twitter? I don’t like that. It should be more like what we did last year. It doesn’t mean the same if it’s on twitter.”

While it might be easy for students to just use their iPhone and send out a tweet, the obstacle of not every student having an account seems impossible to avoid, thus, taking away so many potential acts to share. If Nashoba wants to make this event bigger and better, they will really have to change what they are doing and cut out some paper.