Raising Aca-Wareness

Samm MacLean, Correspondent

A Cappella is defined as group or solo singing without instrumental background. In the last couple of years, the A Cappella craze has swept the nation.

Before the hit movie Pitch Perfect, not many people bothered with A Cappella; it was all about the background music and techno sound of the twenty first century. Now that a group of fictional rag tag college students have demonstrated that the two can be mixed, music fanatics have gone crazy!

Nashoba’s own John Atkinson and Carson Bond have taken the initiative and started the Nashoba A Cappella Club with advisor Ms. Egan. “Whether you love to sing onstage or sing in the shower it’s a place where you’re welcome,” said the junior Atkinson. “All you have to do to join is show up or talk to any member of the club expressing interest.”

According to John, the group started as a barber shop quartet idea, a men’s only group to compensate for the lack of male vocal groups offered by the school . John goes on to say, “Over time we realized we were missing a lot of talent in having girls in the group, so we got together to make the group we have today”. The group is now co-ed.

Atkinson also goes on to say that, “we are exactly what we’re called in our title: a group” meaning that the main goal is working together, team work.  “The main goal of the group is to create a relaxed environment for singers to be creative with their music, with writing or by doing their own thing with the songs they sing”.