Bernie Wins Three More States

Bernie Wins Three More States

Kayla Lawlor, Contributor

This past weekend was a “YUGE” one for the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Sanders won the vast majority of votes in all three democratic contests in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, crushing the Clinton campaign. Although relatively few delegates were at stake Saturday, Sander won 70% of Hawaii, 73% of Washington, and an astounding 82% of Alaska. However, this should not come as a huge shock.

Hillary Clinton has performed well in states in which the Sanders campaign did not make a definitive effort to campaign in. According to senior strategist Tad Devine, “Her grasp now on the nomination is almost entirely on the basis of victories where Bernie Sanders did not compete…Where we compete with Clinton, where this competition is real, we have a very good chance of beating her in every place that we compete with her.”

Throughout the presidential race, underdog candidate Bernie Sanders has proven that he has the power and momentum to take on the political establishment, Wall Street, and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Sanders currently has 975 pledged delegates just behind Clinton’s total of 1,243 pledged delegates. Although trailing by over 200 points, the race is far from over. The Democratic National Convention will not declare the official nominee until late July, superdelegates are still unpledged and can change at any time, and there are still 23 states/territories with over 2,000 delegates still at stake.

Both Sanders and Clinton will be competing in the Wisconsin primary this Tuesday, April 5th, where Sanders is currently leading in the polls. Despite what the mainstream media may be saying, Bernie has the momentum and this race is far from over.