Best Buddies Basketball Game!


    With March Madness coming to a close, the Best Buddies basketball team will take the court in search of a victory against the faculty and staff team! This showdown is going to happen on April 1st, so clear your schedule, ladies and gentlemen…and that’s not an April fools joke! In last year’s game, the Best Buddies were all business and defeated the opposition with great play by all participants!

    It’s truly a great event to attend and a lot of fun. All the money raised goes directly into the Best Buddies program as well, so it’s for a good cause. On top of that, you get to watch your favorite members of the faculty. Last year there were players ranging from guidance counselors, teachers, and our assistant principal! The crowd was very engaged in the game, and everyone in attendance, along with the players, had a great time.

    I was fortunate enough to have a word with our awesome athletic director, Tania Rich. She predicted that “It is going to be an exciting night because we have more than just a basketball game planned. There will be many contests and fun activities that the spectators will be able to participate in. It is going to be a great event to bring the school community together and raise money for our Best Buddies program.” So there you have it! Again, April 1st is the date to remember. Be there Chieftains!