Legalizing Marijuana

Derek Pasquale

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When people think of weed they thing “drug.”  Why? The media has often portrayed the plant as dangerous and unhealthy. I believe the plant should remain illegal to Americans for recreational use. Medical marijuana is perfectly fine as it does have health benefits.

People often use the revenue recreational marijuana will attract as a reason for legalization. But is it really worth it? People under the influence of marijuana behind the wheel are dangerous. It also puts other people in danger. Weed slows reflexes and often makes people tired just to name a few negative side effects.

When asked about the use of recreational marijuana Andrew Vittorioso is quoted saying; “If you wanna do it go ahead.”


Recreational marijuana shouldn’t even be a topic in debate as this election is a very special one. With racial issues, an economy on the down slope, and a posing threat from the Middle East; America should be worried about preserving our freedom, not rolling joints.


Kyle Tremblay said “Legalizing marijuana will not benefit our society in anyway. We don’t need anymore drug users in the United States.”

According to CBS sports “50%-60%”  of the NFL uses marijuana. These guys are role models for a lot of children. What kind of example are they setting by smoking pot? The NFL has the power to stop teenage drug use.

In conclusion, recreational marijuana use is a complete waste of energy, money and government time