The Media: Are You Being Influenced?

With the Presidential election coming up in November, it’s hard to avoid a debate due to the varying opinions that everyone possesses. Scandals encompass each candidate’s campaign; due to the multiple media and news sources, a story can be easily twisted into something that it’s not. Dominated by left-wing and liberal politics, sometimes it’s not the candidate with the problem, but instead it’s the media.

It’s not hard to see why many candidates on the conservative side of the political spectrum are having such a difficult time grasping the attention of young-adult voters. While scrolling through Twitter, it’s hard to avoid any aspect of political discussion geared against the Republican side of the Presidential race. The question is: why is this so?

When liberal media bias engulfs the minds of young readers and voters, their minds can be easily influenced by the opinions of those around them. That’s exactly what both sides of the media are taking advantage of. Although both sides are biased in their views, young voters are much more likely to be swayed to the left side of the political spectrum due to the fact that liberal media dominates on social network websites and has the power to attack when an opposing argument is made.

On the other side, conservative media also uses similar tactics to persuade some young-voters, but mainly focus on convincing older voters to their political position. Both sides have used headlines to catch a readers attention simply for the purpose of sparking controversy, not to accurately display the facts. In the end, these headlines and misquoted information only helps the media sources leaving voters with misconstrued evidence for or against their political parties.

On occasion, people may genuinely agree with ideas that the political party is proposing. But oftentimes, due to a lack of diversity in regards to media and the acceptance of opposing opinions, the minds of young people may only see one side of the story. So, when you think about the candidate that you support in the upcoming election, think about this: do you actually understand the policies that the candidate is representing or do you just support them because everybody else around you does? Sometimes after considering the other side of the story, you’d be surprised as to what makes sense in the end.