Keep Calm and Have Fun

Keep Calm and Have Fun

 As the end of the year approaches, seniors have completely abandoned their priorities and, unfortunately, have lost interest in school. Some may try to fight this plague of “senioritis” but it seems the majority have fallen under. 

Here are a couple things seniors can do to make for a great end of the year: 

For one thing, seniors should do their homework. It will not kill anyone to spend an hour or so doing some work. If half of the energy put into procrastinating were put into doing the given work, then homework would be done in no time. Then teachers will be happy and seniors won’t have to listen to those boring lectures on why they should do it. 

It is also important to stay respectful of other seniors. Now, one might ask what this has to do with having a good end of the year, but if seniors stay respectful of their peers, then they will be less likely to complain to teachers, which has been happening more often lately. This has caused some teachers to get stressed out and even angry with the senior class. If seniors just show some basic respect and common courtesy then there will be fewer complaints and angry teachers, making Nashoba a better environment for all.  

Lastly, for any senior currently thinking about pulling a massive prank, don’t. Senior pranks can be great until they start targeting others and disrupting the staff and students. What’s worse is that those who do follow through with a prank will not be able to walk at graduation. 

There are also quite a few exciting events coming up for seniors. Mr. Emerson and class officers have been hard at work this year and they have planned quite a few events. Some of these include the senior banquet and a trip to Six Flags.  

The final days are going to be the best of the last four years here at Nashoba. All of the seniors’ hard work has lead to this point and they should enjoy every second. Why make life harder with procrastination? Why do a senior prank and risk losing the privilege to walk at graduation? When seniors look back, they want to remember having a great time. As important as it is to have fun, it is also important to be responsible. Remember keep calm and have fun!