Propaganda at Nashoba?

Mural Art at Nashoba

You may or may not have noticed the new wall color walking into school last September, after all Nashoba kids haven’t proven to be the most perceptive in my three years here. Those murals that used to be there underneath all of that Exorcist puke green paint? Gone. Like Woolworth’s or that combination KFC and Taco Bell, gone. Replacing our students hard work is that lousy color scheme. Let me just vent for a moment here  because oh my lanta if you’re going to paint something gold, paint it real gold not some dull greyish gold catastrophe. And if you do, don’t put beige right next to it. They’re way too similar and they just don’t work together without a complementing color. I don’t care what the designer that was hired said, it doesn’t work.

I think the worst part of all this though is that the old murals were taken down to be replaced with propaganda. I understand, accreditation is uber important. But getting rid of something that past students worked days and weeks on to leave behind as their own legacy so they’re more than just a name and picture in a yearbook is wrong on every level. In fact, it goes against the ICARE statement itself. Communication? Did anyone tell us? We the student body that fights through these overpacked halls like salmon swimming up to their breeding grounds to die so we can get to their next classes, about this whole mural rigamarole? Most kids aren’t walking by going “Oh that’s a lovely Asterisk and Obelisk, the composition is magnificent, it really exhibits the complexity of the the human condition.” but it’s the little things that count.

These new murals aren’t really as bad as I say, good ol’ Nashoba could certainly use some school spirit. Not that school spirit really matters though, we’re only here for four years. Hopefully. The real problem is the ICARE situation itself. Every ten years when it’s time for the school to be reaccredited, the school really starts to push for all of this “respect and tolerance” malarkey. In reality, the school should always be doing this, not just when it needs to look good for the authorities.

At the end of the day, the wall color doesn’t matter, Nashoba still has the same mix of good and terrible people. The school will pass the whole NEASC test and everything will go back to normal. By normal I mean everyone resenting each other and having a lackluster high school experience except without a bunch of slogans pasted on the walls.