Out with the Cold Weather and in with the Warm!


Trevor Sicard, Editor

It’s halfway through March and with many days already reaching the low 70’s, and high 60’s, it is fair to say that spring has sprung! March 9th has been the hottest day so far, reaching a pleasant 77 degrees. It is a beautiful thing when you can break out the shorts and sunglasses this early in the year. Yes, we did not have a lot of snow days this winter, only 2 to be exact. But with this being said, we are out of winter and all of the crying for lost snow days and potential days off are over!

    Not only does the wonderful season of spring mean that we are nearing summer everyday, but it also means that we can take advantage and do all of the fun things that spring has to offer us. There is a ton of fun things to do with the new season rolling in. Spring sports for example. Lacrosse games, Baseball games, Tennis matches, and outdoor track are all awesome sporting events to attend and cheer on your classmates. Eating outside, going on jogs, observing the beautiful flowers start to blossom, and seeing music festivals! So many new memories for us to make as the fun times await us this spring season.

    Spring not only brings the pretty colors back to the trees and flowers, but it also brings high spirits as well. There aren’t as many dreary days and everyone is excited to embrace the warmer weather. One thing that is for certain is that the general mood improves greatly. Everyone is happy that they can go outside in the beautiful weather and have fun with their friends. Students overall don’t really seem to mind going to school as much because everyone is in a better mood, and eager to live out their end of the year to the fullest.

 Another reason why everyone is so happy about spring, is because it means that you’re a little bit closer to summer and before you know it, you will be on summer vacation, and us seniors will be graduating and on to pursue post graduation life. So let’s say goodbye to the cold weather and welcome the warm!