Nancy Reagan: The First Lady


Eva Ricci

 Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, has died at her Los Angeles home on Sunday night at the age of 94 due to congestive heart failure. As wife of the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, she is known as one of the most influential First Lady’s of all time.

Beginning with a Hollywood acting career, Nancy Reagan starred in many Hollywood films in her lifetime starting as a young adult. She went by the name of “Nancy Davis” after taking on her step-father’s last name. Nancy met her future husband and President of the United States, Ronald Reagan during her career while on set of a movie that he also appeared in.

On March 4th, 1952 Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis got married and soon after had two children together. Behind the scenes, her husband had a strong passion for politics and became an active member of the Republican party. In 1967, he became governor of California and that is where the public recognized him as a politician, although some could not look past the concept that he was in the entertainment industry prior to becoming a politician.

After ending his term as governor of California in 1975, Ronald Reagan decided to run for President of the United States in the election of 1980. After winning the election, Nancy Reagan became First Lady of the United States and became one of the most influential ones in our history.

Starting the “Just Say No” campaign to steer people away from doing drugs, Nancy Reagan became an extremely influential woman. Promoting this campaign all over the world, these words are often associated with her and will be remembered.

After ending two eventful terms in office, Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1994. Nancy stuck by his side until his death in 2004. After his death, she went onto invest in research.
Her funeral was Friday March 11th, in Simi Valley California at the Reagan Memorial Library, right next to her husband. Michelle Obama attended the funeral, in place of her husband while he attended a festival, and Presidential candidate and former first-lady, Hillary Clinton.Twelve years after her husband’s death, she passed away in her home in Los Angeles.

“I think that she was a really inspirational woman,” Nashoba student, Rachel Estey says.

“I agree, she was a very inspirational woman and left behind a significant impact,” Caroline Estey, another Nashoba student says.

And many more would agree with their statements. Nancy Reagan leaves behind a legacy that still impacts many all over the world today and will be remembered forever.