Nashoba Drama Works Hard as Tech Week Arrives

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Anticipation grows as the cast and crew of The Addams Family dive into tech week, a hard but rewarding process, to prepare for their shows this upcoming weekend.

 The musical focuses on the Addams Family, a peculiar set of people and their ancestors, who are struggling with their daughter Wednesday’s new love for a “normal” boy.  The witty dialogue and thought provoking musical numbers create a unique show, unlike anything Nashoba has ever done before.
However, a musical this special doesn’t appear out of nowhere. It takes a lot of work on both the actors’ and the crew’s part in order to make sure this show lives up to its potential. With rehearsal three times a week, it takes a lot of effort from everyone involved. For example, the “Drama Mamas,” who are in charge of creating the intricate costumes for each character, have put hundreds of hours into their work. Techies work around the clock to make sure everything runs smoothly backstage, so the actors can focus on the scenes.

Riley Seith is a techie who works with the props. She helps to make sure that everything is where it needs to be for the actors to use them on stage. She said she loves how “fast and exciting the show is.”

The feeling of excitement and anticipation in the cast and crew is clear at the tech week rehearsals. Tech week consists of the few days before opening night, when all of the loose ends get pulled together. With a 5:00-8:30 rehearsal each night starting Sunday, and a full costume and makeup run on Thursday, people involved in the production have little room to do anything else. It’s an especially challenging week for students, because they have to find the balance between rehearsal and school.
Anna Cadigan, Max Mitchell and Colby Storey all ancestors in the show, enjoying their time backstage during rehearsal.

When asked what tech week is like, Cat Smith said, “Tech week is the real life embodiment of when you have a big test but you forgot to study.”

Cat plays one of the ancestors, part of the ensemble made up of past Addams Family members. Each member has their own specific character and costume, adding to the individual aura that the Addams family seems to wear so well.

Hayley Giovanazzo plays Wednesday, and couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to play such a unique character. She says that “the hardest part about tech week is keeping your voice healthy and staying energized.” As one of the principal roles, Hayley needs to stay on top of her health to make sure that she can perform her best this weekend. However, as hard as this time can be, this crazy and time-consuming process is necessary for the success of the show, and is very rewarding.

“The best part is the unspoken bond that forms in a cast after spending tech week together, and just being able to run the amazing show you’re in,” says Hayley. She is most excited about seeing the show come together as a whole. “We’ve been working so hard on it and everyone is amazing!

Come support your fellow classmates in the Addams Family this weekend the 18th, 19th and 20th, and discover what it truly means to be an Addams!