Seniors Going Near And Far


Every year, high school seniors spend hours on end preparing for their next year. Now, with college applications complete, and the scholarship season winding down, seniors are either patiently waiting for an acceptance letter, or rocking a sweatshirt around the halls to show off the school they will attend next fall. Like any year, there are students staying close to home, and others moving across the country. But it seems as though Nashoba’s Class of 2016 has a lot of students who will be buying a one way plane ticket this summer.

College is a major time of transition. Every year, students who have lived with their parents for 17 to 18 years move out and start a new chapter of their lives as independent adults; some of these students will do so in very different places.

Some students, who will definitely be boarding a plane to get to their college in a few months include Emma Picaro and Emily Recko.

Emma Picaro is a senior at Nashoba Regional High School and has recently committed to the University of Alabama to double major in International Business and Spanish on a pre-law track. In addition to being admitted, she has also been awarded a very impressive merit scholarship based on her high school success. When asked what drew her to Alabama, Emma says, “I knew I wanted to attend a big southern football school, and the campus is absolutely stunning… I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. Also, ROLL TIDE!” Emma also stated that she embraces the southern culture, as she has spent much time in the area over the years, which has only confirmed for her that the South is a great fit for her. Although she most likely does not plan to make Alabama her permanent residence following her undergraduate education, the area will serve as home for the next four years.

Emily Recko, another NRHS senior, who has thrived not only in academics, but arts too, has the possibility of traveling to Washington D.C. or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both Temple University in Philadelphia and George Washington University in D.C. will enable her to get a world class education in both graphic design, her intended major, and political science, her intended minor. When asked what drew her to these specific schools, aside from their well-known academic excellence, Recko said, “Both Universities have well-established art schools within an urban setting, which is very important to me. Also, being close to or in the heart of Washington D.C. would be ideal for me as one of my long term goals is to be a campaign consultant for political advertising.” Although she has yet to make a decision, Emily Recko will undoubtedly be successful at whichever university she attends.

In addition to Recko and Picaro, there are numerous other seniors considering traveling afar. JoJo Enzmann is sure she wants to travel but has not yet decided on a specific school or location. However, California is of great consideration. Enzmann adds, “Although I have not decided where I want to go to college yet, I have decided that I want to go as far away as I can. This isn’t because I don’t love where I come from, but rather to try to find a new home to be a growing maturing adult. I think that going far away for school will be a wonderful experience of discovering other parts of the country. California specifically has a home in my heart, it was where my parents met and where I have visited since I was seven. If I end up in California, it wont be so much about leaving home for my college experience, but rather finding a new home.”

Whether students are moving near or far, Enzmann’s advice is relevant. Ultimately, students should go to a college where they can not only access a great education, but also find a new home. A home they will be proud to call their own.