March Madness Mania!

March Madness Mania!

People have enjoyed the excitement of March Madness for over 75 years, and this playoff season’s excitement isn’t going to stop now. But exactly what is March Madness?  


The story of March Madness starts with college basketball and the transition from the regular season to playoffs. While the regular season has normal records, the playoffs act as conference records that the teams play for. There are multiple conferences, with each one making it harder to win.


There are four regions seeded 1-16, totaling 64 teams total. These teams all have to play together in order to get into the tournament. Seeds and game orders are chosen based on winning records and the different playing level of each team. The best teams plays the worst and so on. This is like the NFL playoffs, where the 1st seed plays the 6th seed, for example.The difference with March Madness is that the number one seed will play the 16th.


March Madness is also known for those who gamble during each game leading right up to the championship. The best strategy is to make a complete bracket and choose winners in advance. Those gambling will win points for the games for which they correctly guessed the winner, and they will lose points for the games where they chose incorrectly. For many, gambling adds excitement and makes the game even more enjoyable.


The first 2 games include 16 separate games; all of which will be broadcasted online and on television. This is where the name comes from; It is during this month that madness reaches its fullest height.  


So, what does this have to do with you? Well, Nashoba will be running the very first March Madness fundraiser. Students and staff will have the opportunity to give money to make their own bracket; all of what is donated will go to charity. The lucky winner who manages to go all the way with their brackets will win a comfy seat during the faculty/student basketball game on Friday, April 2nd!
So, start doing your research and decide what team you think will be victorious. You just might win the best seat in the house!