In Loving Memory of Miss Brigham

In Loving Memory of Miss Brigham

On January 19, the Nashoba community lost 39-year-old Kimberly Brigham, a well-loved and respected faculty member, after she passed away due to a sudden illness. As many Bolton students know, Miss Brigham taught at Florence Sawyer School where she doubled as a special education teacher and as a classroom aide. Students would often see her in various classrooms, and everyone knew who she was. Before Miss Brigham spent ten fulfilling years teaching in this district, she worked with RFK students in Lancaster and taught in Leominster Middle School.

“She was that person who was always there. She was nice, and we talked a lot,” said former Sawyer student Kayla Lawlor “She always helped me with my work and she was such a kind person. You could talk to her about anything”.

Miss Brigham was loved by her students as well as the rest of the community. “She was a joy to be around; she will really be missed,” replied an anonymous source regarding Miss Brigham.

Miss Brigham was a woman of many passions. From gardening to sports, she had a broad range of interests. A devoted sports fan, Miss Brigham adored the Denver Broncos (particularly Peyton Manning), the Boston Red Sox, and the Chicago Fire.

Her shining personality truly presented itself when she was working with her students. “She would come up to me asking me if I was upset. [She] always wanted to help me out in school work. She was just a go-to person for any problems during school,” commented former Sawyer student Arushi Ahmed. “Even if you hated a subject she would always try to make it seem fun and help you get through the class. She was funny, caring and helpful.”

Arushi went on further to describe her favorite memory with Miss Brigham. “[In] extended day, she would always come talk to us and show us pictures of Sadie, her dog. We would talk about what was going on in our lives, and sometimes we would ask if she had a boyfriend.”

Miss Brigham will be dearly missed by the Nashoba community, and she will be fondly remembered as a joyful, passionate, and wonderful teacher.