Whom Should You Vote For?


Kyle Tremblay

Like many other Americans my age, I have a set of goals and dreams I hope to be able to achieve as I enter the adult chapter of my life. Personally, I hope to be able to start my own business, have a family, and maybe even run for office. However, as each day of Obama’s Presidency goes by, the prospect of the American Dream grows fainter and fainter. I find it scary that I might be part of the first American generation that is left off worse than our parents and grandparents. I go to bed anxious each night that America might permanently be headed in the wrong direction, and our great nation will no longer be the land of opportunity where I can make my dreams a reality.


Perhaps what I have taken for granted the most in my life is just how safe I truly am compared to many others in the world. Growing up in a small, rural community, I have been blessed to go to bed each night knowing that I will be able to wake up the next morning and carry on with my daily routine, free of danger. However, President Obama has proven that he is not capable of handling the growing national security threats. He is afraid to even say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” and he concedes and cuts deals with our enemies instead of promoting the same strong leadership that made America a global power. If Hillary is to be elected, considering she made it clear that her foreign policy positions will be very similar to Obama’s, I fear that my future children will not be have the same luxury as I did as a child, the peace of mind that I am safe as I go about with my day.


The 2008 Presidential election was the first one that I was able to comprehend and extensively remember, and is also the one that established politics as one of my passions. While I wasn’t able to truly understand the policy issues, I was excited by the message of hope Obama delivered to the American people. However, my family, like many other American families, cannot say that we are better off today than we were when Obama took office. To recap the last seven years, our taxes have gone up and the value of our property has gone down. That is not progress.


While I could write a list of complaints regarding Obama’s Presidency that’s longer than our tax code, it is important to remember that our next President must be a strong, conservative leader to reverse the catastrophic effects of Obama’s Presidency. I agree that every Republican candidate up on the debate stages would be a far better President than Hillary Clinton, but I do not believe that every candidate is capable of successfully taking on and defeating Hillary. In a crowded field of candidates, there has been an overabundance of political hot air and anger, yet most of these candidates do not have realistic solutions to solve these issues.



For all of these very reasons, I am supporting Marco Rubio for the 2016 Republican Nomination. I believe that Marco is the only candidate running for President that has the right mix of political experience combined with the right conservative solutions to not only repeal Obama’s failed policies, but to reestablish the American Dream for future generations.


While I commend Marco’s conservative stances on the major issues facing our nation, there is one issue in particular that directly relates to me: education. I have experienced first-hand just how detrimental Common Core is to students, and I praise his position on repealing Common Core and expanding school choice, so that the next generation of American children have even better educational opportunities.


I truly believe that the results of November’s election will determine whether this country will continue with failed liberal policies and become a social welfare state or return to the values that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world and the American Dream possible for every citizen. I strongly urge each and every one of you consider supporting Marco Rubio not only for the sake of our futures, but for the futures of generations to come.