2016 Class Plays: The Battle of the Classes


Jackie Cannon, Editor

January 29th was a night full of laughs and suspense for Nashoba. The annual class plays were held, and Seniors came out on top with their play “The Absolute Most Cliched Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe.”

The one-act, directed by Kayla Lawlor, is about a  group of stereotypes, from a biker guy to a cheerleading squad, stuck in an elevator. However, it didn’t take the turn the audience expected. The instructor character, portrayed by Carson Bond, convinced his fellow cast to try to find the playwright, who would be the only one to stop the madness. After the comedy of a clown appearing to scare the instructor and the cheerleaders fawning over the goth kid, the writer turned out to be Normal Girl, played by Erin Alzapiedi.

“The seniors blew away the competition. They rocked,” Katie Harrington, a senior who saw the plays, declared.

The juniors took a more serious route with their play, “Murder is Fun,” a murder mystery with a hint of dark comedy. Julia Wachtel and Courtney Culkins directed the show, in which a group of onlookers watched as the policewoman, Lily Keiley, tried to solve the murder of Alfred, played by Sean Bannon.

The suspects, his ex-wife, fiance, maid, son, daughter, and lawyer, all tried to prove their innocence as the murder scene was reenacted. At the end, the doctor that examined the body, said “You all killed Alfred,” to the onlookers. However, in a plot twist no one saw coming, the “professional man,” played by Jim Ervin, with a thirst for murder mysteries, stated that it was he who killed Albert.

In “9 Worst Break Ups of All Time,” the sophomores, directed by Hannah Gould,  brought a new level of comedy to the class plays. Katie, played by Sarah Newton, suffered a bad break up, so Eve, portrayed by Anna Cadigan showed her a variety of break ups much worse than that of Katie’s. A variety of messy scenes ensued, with the scenarios ranging from a caveman  break up to dumping by charades. At the end of the night, sophomores earned second place in the tight race and made their mark on audiences.

The first performance of the night came from the freshmen with their play, “13 Ways to Screw up Your College Interview.” Emily Solomon directed as Pheobe Hogan and Sophia Mellis played two college interviewers with a last-minute request to find a student to attend their college from the waitlist. All of the interviews went terribly wrong, as the title implies.

Sophia Lauer made her mark with a stand-out scene in which she appears to be the perfect candidate, but ends up taking creepy measures to get what she wanted, including locking the interviewer in the room and shutting off the power. Overall, the freshmen made a great debut with their first class play.

Before the final winner was announced, various other awards were presented. Sophia Lauer was presented with Best Debut for her hilarious portrayal as Ben, the crazy college applicant. Colby Storey, a sophomore, won Best Featured Actor, and Sean Bannon won Best Actor for his serious role in the Junior show.

Emily Adams earned Best Actress for her role as a pregnant woman in the Senior play, and Courtney Culkins and Julia Wachtel won Best Directors. Finally, at the end of it all, Seniors were declared the winners of their final class play at Nashoba.

“The senior class put a lot of hard work into the performance,” Kayla Lawlor, the senior director, stated. “Even though there were some rough patches along the way, the actors pulled through and put a lot of energy into their performance. I’m incredibly proud of the entire class and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them.”