The Great Mr. Emerson

The Great Mr. Emerson

Patrick McCarter, Contributor

Coming to a new school is a hard thing to do. Eighth graders feel like the top dogs of the school, but then they graduate and that all changes as they enter a new school as Freshman. At first they feel alone, but they shouldn’t worry; there is a light at the end of this tunnel. For anyone trying to figure out high school, Mr. Emerson is always there for guidance and support. 

Mr. Emerson has worked at Nashoba for 11 years. His first teaching job was in 1967, working as a French teacher at Maynard High School, where he spent 2 years before going on to teach French at Acton-Boxborough Junior High for another 3 years. It was not until 1973 that he left his teaching career to work for more than 30 years for a digital equipment corporation. Once he left there, he worked in a few banks and Lahey Clinic.

When his last job got relocated to New York, Mr. Emerson made the big decision to decline the offer and stay here in Massachusetts. This was ultimately what brought him to Nashoba. He started out as a substitute teacher in 2004 and soon after, he was given the job as a teacher for the newly-formed Freshman Study Skills class.

 The vast majority of clubs at Nashoba are run by Mr. Emerson. He manages all of the upcoming fundraisers and is the face for many activities held at Nashoba. If it were not for Mr. Emerson, students would not have Junior Proms, Senior Banquets, and other school dances. 

For freshmen, the new work load in high school can be tough. Luckily, all freshman stay in Mr. Emerson’s room during their study periods to learn how to manage time and develop a strong work ethic. He also plays a large role in preparing freshman for the dreaded midterms and finals. Freshmen often find themselves buried in trouble and flashcards when trying to study for these important tests, but Mr. Emerson is always in school early during midterms and finals weeks to help students review.

Mr. Emerson always comes to work with a smile on his face and he is constantly ready to help a student in need by working very closely with Mr. Cote and Dr. Graham. Chris McCarter, a former student, said, “I never really got to know him that well when I was there, but he seemed to be a nice guy who always wanted to help students.”  

Another former student, Zachary Weber, shared his thoughts on the subject, “I had him for Freshmen study skills and he seemed like a pretty good guy.” Everyone here at Nashoba seems to really like Mr. Emerson, not only as a teacher, but as a person. When asked in an interview, Mr. Emerson stated that, “I like to get to know people even if I do not have them as students. If I don’t know someone I always like to introduce myself.” He also said, “My favorite part of the job is working with students and knowing that I have helped make their four years at NRHS rewarding and memorable.” 

He has most definitely done that, so for anyone looking for a little guidance, take a stop by room 403B and get to know the great Mr. Emerson.