Review of CBS’ New Show “Supergirl”

Review of CBS New Show Supergirl

Emma Talpey, Contributor

Once a comic made by DC Comics, Supergirl has now been remade and adapted into a weekly television show, courtesy of CBS. Melissa Benoist, in her return to television, plays Supergirl in the Monday-night show. However, it may not take off quite like her character can.

The show follows Supergirl, the cousin of Superman, and her adventures on Earth. It begins with her complete backstory, portraying how she was sent to Earth like her cousin, but ended up arriving in the atmosphere many years later than he did. She left Krypton at the age of twelve, and arrived on Earth having not aged a day, upon which she was placed with a foster family that raised not only but her cousin as well. Later in life, Supergirl starts to work for Cat Grant, the head of a popular media company.

In the October 26th series premiere, Kara’s story was told in a narrated flashback, explaining why she needed to leave her home planet of Krypton and come to Earth; and how she got “stuck in space” on her trip, but eventually arrived on Earth. She was originally sent to Earth to take care of her cousin, who turned out to be Superman, but when she arrived he was already an adult and placed her in foster care. Kara ultimately decides to hide her superpowers in order to live in the shadow of her foster sister and try to look normal.

As the series goes on, the viewer learns more and more about Kara’s life. Kara is posed with many challenges, opportunities, and tasks throughout the season, providing enticing and exciting plot lines.

The show has already resonated with crowds, drawing in substantial amount of views and ratings. In the 2016 People’s Choice Awards, which took place on January 6th, 2016, “Supergirl” won the title of Favorite New TV Drama. The show has a 97% rating according to Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty good considering the freshness of the series, however Rotten Tomatoes also records that only 50% of viewers enjoyed it.

The user reviews on are mixed, ranging from people criticizing heavily to fans praising it endlessly. One recurring theme that has come is that people aren’t sure if there will be a season two. However, this is for mixed reasons. Some think the show won’t return due to its “newness” and mediocre acting, while others think season two won’t happen because there won’t be anything left. Fervent fans of the original DC Comic think that CBS may be burning through material too fast, while others are saying the show isn’t showing enough. 

Many viewers who are fans of the comic book by DC Comics are fans of the show, as it has proved to stick to the original text. Although many think it is too cheesy. But then again, it is a CBS show about a superhero. The plot line, itself, is very well put-together and enjoyable to watch once you overcome the mediocre acting, cheesy script, and plot twists.