The Importance of Zzz

The Importance of Zzz

The average person can survive two weeks without water, but only ten days without sleep. Despite this, a majority of students get far less than the recommended minimum eight hours a day. How can such a crucial component to an individual’s well-being become devalued? The modern high school student, especially one from Nashoba, easily combats this question:

“I have so much homework,” said Olivia Magliozzi.

Alicia Burrows responded, “Electronics are a major distraction…especially TV shows.”

“I watch this girl cook on YouTube, and then I can’t fall asleep,” stated Casey Hallberg.

Sleep helps individuals of all shapes and sizes restore their bodily functions. It allows a volleyball player to remember the play from the day before; it imprints practiced music upon a piano player’s brain. Sleep is essential to muscle memory and to learning. The period of lost consciousness aids in mood improvement and alertness the following day. It decreases appetite and improves academic performance. Seemingly, sleep is the drug of dreams.

Psychologists continuously seek to remind students that a superb night’s sleep is crucial for performance within any field. It is a worthwhile use of an individual’s energy to contemplate the ways in which deep, restoring slumber may be achieved. For those considering this recommendation, there are a variety of approaches to securing a great night of sleep.

During the day, it is a splendid idea to avoid napping past noon. Individuals should spend time outside and regularly exercise. Several hours before attempting slumber, an individual should avoid screens, caffeine, and large meals. If someone is hungry, a small snack such as a banana or a bowl of cereal provides a soothing solution.

Experts recommend drinking a warm beverage, such as decaf tea, directly before sleeping and practicing mindful breathing or meditation. Reading a book may also be helpful in regards to encouraging drowsiness. It is best to eliminate noise; if this is not possible, a white-noise maker is a wondrous aid. By establishing a calming sleep time routine, students encourage the onset of a restful sleep and success in school.