Pep Rally Bonanza

Olivia Magliozzi, Editor

At Nashoba, pep rally participation earns a student more points than he or she might earn on a test. MC and head planner of the event, Mrs. Doyle, created a blast for Nashoba students on Tuesday the 24th, before Thanksgiving break. The extravagant day was devoted to boosting school morale and to pumping up the football team, who will be heading to the super bowl.

Spirit week created suspense for the rally. Students were decked out in patterned clothes, holiday gear, comfy pajamas, and sports apparel. Grades earned Nashoba cup points for their level of participation. The goofier the get-up the better! On the day of the pep rally, each grade was assigned a color: freshman were gold, sophomores were black, juniors were white, and seniors were green. This color-blocked fashion created a divide among the competing grades in the rally stands.    

The grades competed in a hot potato-volleyball combination game. The activity went as follows: the Nashoba band would play a song, stopping randomly as students simultaneously tossed balls amidst the bleachers. When the band cut playing, students would stop throwing. As anticipated, all balls landed in the freshman section at the end of each song: shocker.    

Another competition that took place was the Nashoba Fight Song showdown. Grades were asked to chant the Nashoba fight song as loud as possible. There was only one problem: nobody knew the words! Although the idea was fabulous, the execution was unfortunately weak. Better luck next year, Nashoba.

Grades also competed in a school-wide dance off. All students grooved and boogied to songs like the chicken dance, the wobble, and the YMCA. Nashoba even got a taste of principal Dr. Graham’s funky moves as he danced to some old time tunes.

The entire school bonded over their shared ride on the wild roller coaster. Not an actual twister, but a student organized arm wave. Tim Leach and Haley Doyle acted as the conductors of the ride. They had the student body swaying from right to left with abrupt jerks backwards and forwards. The whole experience was thrilling for the students; looks of pure happiness spread across  faces of those participating.

Alongside all of the fun came the recognition of sports. The cheer team performed a spunky dance with some impressive tumbling. They rallied Nashoba fans to cheer for both them and the football squad. Football competed in the Division II State Final game on Saturday. The pep rally was aimed to raise school spirit to support the chieftains in this momentous endeavor. Coach Tucker was also recognized as Patriots Coach of the Week. Along with the football team, all Nashoba sports team seniors were honored. The captains of each team were then invited to compete against various teachers in a tug of war. Students beat the teachers in a matter of seconds, which must have been due to their outrageously high levels of pep.

To raise money for Nashoba Best Buddies, there was a Hungry Hippos competition. Students got to watch teachers zoom around on little scooters while grabbing balls that served as their food. The hilarious game raised not only laughs, but money for everyone’s favorite club, Best Buddies.  

If you are looking to watch the full pep rally, it is available thanks to the Journalism 2 class and Mrs. Carter. They set up a live big screen that captured all of the festivities on film. Nashoba looks forward to what next year’s pep rally will bring!