Did you miss Nashoba’s theater production of Fame? Well, it’s your lucky day because here’s a recap on all things Fame.

The setting of the play was at New York High School of Performing Arts. It centers around a set of talented students, all of which are chasing their dreams of either singing, dancing, or acting.

It starts off with the entrance of Mrs. Sherwood (Rachel Crane) who announces to the audience that auditions have begun. It then follows with the singers, dancers, and musicians’ auditions. As the play goes on, the audience starts to learn about specific characters and their stories.

The main character, Doris (Emily Adams) struggles with an overprotective mother (Anna Moffat). Ralph (Camden Storey), the comedian of the group, is implied to have a drug problem. Leroy (Quinn O’Hagan), the only male dancer, is illiterate and spends his four years feuding with Mrs. Sherwood, Montgomery (Colby Storey) struggled with coming out about his sexuality; and lastly Mrs. Sherwood (Rachel Crane) is about to lose her husband who is ill.

Other characters included: Coco (Marianna Sardella), Hilary (Alicia Burrows), Michael (Sean Bannon), Deidre (Gwen Burke), and Ms. Burke (Erin Alzapiedi).

I personally thought the play was very well done. The acting was spot-on, especially Camden Storey who did a great job getting into character. I liked that the play efficiently showed off people’s real talents; many of the actors are actual singers, musicians, and dancers.

I also enjoyed watching how they put some of the characters out into the lobby while people waited to be seated. They danced, sang, acted, and even played guitar. It sort of resembled a museum, in the sense that you could walk around and see different people performing. It was a good way to highlight individuals’ talents; regardless of their role in the play.

If you didn’t see the play then you definitely missed out and hopefully this article encourages you to see their upcoming productions.

Image courtesy of Ann DeCristofaro