Thanksgiving Food Drives

Olivia Magliozzi

Americans generally celebrate Thanksgiving traditionally with the 3 F’s: food, friends, and football. But for those who are struggling, plentiful meals are few and far between. Help out by donating to your community this Thanksgiving to remember what the holiday is truly about.

To benefit your Nashoba cup class AND local families in need, bring down your cans to the NRHS cafeteria. Nashoba is accepting any non-perishable items, preferably cans. Just simply place your cans in your corresponding class bin. At the end of the fundraiser, the heaviest bin will earn Nashoba Cup points. All donated items will be given to our local food pantries.   

If you are looking to donate beyond our local neighborhoods to reach the homeless community, the Greater Boston Food Bank is the outlet for you! It is super easy to donate; simply rally up some canned goods (check website for the most desired foods) and register online with information to make your own drive. Your drive could be centered around the Thanksgiving holiday, or you could donate any time of the year. No matter how little or big your supply is, the Greater Boston Food Bank will be thrilled to accept. They feed up too 545,000 families. This is  the largest hunger-relief organization in New England and amongst the largest in the country.

The Stow Food Pantry also provides an easy way to donate food this holiday season. You can swing by either the Stow Shaws or Post Office to put your non-perishables in the bins. Their main concerns for donations include: spaghetti sauce, pasta, lunch box snacks, canned vegetables and fruit, crackers and cookies, coffee and tea, laundry detergent, personal care items (toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, adult diapers, etc.). The Stow Food Pantry thanks you dearly for your donations, but make sure to thank them for their continual service; they have been providing the town of Stow and surrounding towns with food for 25 years.