Homecoming 2015: The Aftermath

Homecoming 2015: The Aftermath

This past Saturday, October 17th, from 7-10pm, Student Council hosted a  Semi-formal Homecoming dance. At 7 o’clock, students from all grades started meandering into this fall-themed dance. According to Casey Hallberg, a Student Council Member, only about 30 students purchased tickets beforehand, which was the minimum amount of tickets needed to make the dance the slightest bit profitable.

However, the turnout was quite a surprise. Approximately 200 students ended up attending and Student Council made a grand total of $1,700. Awesome job, Nashoba! With such a great turnout, everyone could be sure to earn some Nashoba Cup points.

Nashoba has had Semi-formal Homecoming Dances in the past, but this one was by far the most successful. After last year’s quite successful Neon Dance, STUCO had a lot to live up to, but they certainly met and went far beyond the challenge.

Overall, the dance was nothing below fabulous. Students were laughing, chatting, and dancing the entire time. The decorations perfectly matched the fall theme, with hay bales and twinkly orange lights decorating the gym. There was even a fall backdrop and a professional photographer where students could pose and get their pictures taken. The photos are available on the Facebook page, STUCO 2015-2016, for students to download.

While there was no DJ at the dance, STUCO created a special playlist for the event and the music certainly added to students’ fun throughout the course of the night. The music included everything from “The Cupid Shuffle” to today’s latest hits.

When the dance finally came to a close at 10 o’clock, students were disappointed to leave. Senior, Alice Torres, says, “I usually don’t go to school dances, but I’m glad I went because I had a great time with my friends!” Thankfully, STUCO is planning a NEON dance for later on in the school year, so students will get to relive the fun and excitement of this amazing night.