Parking Pandemonium


Jackie Cannon, Contributor

Parking at Nashoba has dramatically changed, leaving seniors thrilled and juniors indignant. From this point forward, every student will have his own numbered parking space for the whole year. Based on last year’s seniors’ advice and on continuing problems of students parking on campus without a pass, Dr. Graham decided to change how parking worked. Any senior who wanted a parking space could come in during the last full week of August to pick their spot, and they got any spot they wanted that wasn’t already taken. Juniors, however, had to sign up to have their name put in a lottery for the remaining spots.

Seniors are thrilled with the new changes, as senior Alicia Burrows explains, “I like having a specific spot because people can’t take it. I don’t care if it’s fair, seniors deserve special treatment.” “I like it. I can come in late if I want now,” says Hannah Goddard. “People should just park on the grass!” Cam Walbridge states, in reference to the lack of space.

Many juniors ended up with leftover unnumbered spots, and they aren’t too happy about it.“It’s annoying because I don’t have a numbered spot so I have to battle for a parking space. I don’t want to park in the  auditorium parking lot because it’s inconvenient,” says junior Sarah Johnson. “I want a parking pass when I can get one,” Maria Guerin says, disappointed that she won’t be able to get a parking pass until her senior year due to her July birthday. Kirsten Diefenbach agrees, stating “A lot of juniors that can’t get their license until later in the year are really upset.” Last year, many upperclassmen who received their license were able to purchase parking passes through the winter months.

“Until we are able to create some more parking space, there just aren’t enough spots for everyone who would like one,” Dr. Graham says. The question is, what does this mean for the near future before there are new spots? Dr. Graham has potential plans to number the auditorium parking lot and the back spaces, if need be. Even staff parking is running out of room as more and more teachers are needed to keep up with the growing student population.

Dr. Graham sums the reality of the situation by saying, “There are a lot of juniors who are frustrated, which I understand, because they were hoping to be able to park on campus. But until we are able to create some more parking space, there just aren’t enough spots for everyone who would like one.”