Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour

Alice Torres , Contributor

Taylor Swift is taking the world by storm. So what’s new?

This mega popstar has been taking over the music industry with her most recent album, 1989. On May 5th, 2015 Taylor embarked on her biggest world tour, starting off with Tokyo. So far, she has played in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, England, and Canada. At the moment, she is touring the United States and eventually will end the world tour in Singapore, China, and lastly, Australia. According to Billboard her tour, so far, has accumulated $130 million while her net worth is around $200 to $240 million; her salary is supposedly $80 million.

A goal of Taylor’s for every album and tour is to make it different, to surprise people, and to give fans the unexpected. With 1989, she decided to go pop, change her wardrobe, and cut off her hair. For Taylor, she wants each album to have its own vibe; 1989 is supposed to represent the glamour of New York; starting off the show with “Welcome to New York.”

During the Red Tour she made it a habit to invite other famous singers to come out and sing one of their songs but for 1989, she has broadened her horizons with famous people such as musicians, actors, models, football players, soccer plays, and more. Some of which include: Walk The Moon, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Uzo Aduba, Julia Roberts, Kobe Bryant, and the United States Women’s Soccer Team.

As said before, 1989 is strictly pop and with this musical transition, Taylor created a tour like nothing she’s ever done before. It includes a crew of incredibly talented male back-up dancers, and a long walkway that also rises up for her to go into the crowd along. It also rises up at the end and spins around as Taylor finishes the show with Shake It Off and fireworks. She also goes through eight different costume changes; all of which are glittery, sparkly, colorful outfits.

In the show she sings every song from 1989, Love Story, and takes requests for the wildcard song of the night. She also provides everyone who attends the concert with a free bracelet that is electronically set up to light up different colors specified by each song. Other than the actual concert, she’s also doing hours of endless meet and greets before and after the show.

The amount of success received from 1989 is incomparable to her previous country albums. Despite her record label’s doubt, Taylor reinforced the idea of changing to pop and it seems that it was one of her best decisions. The tour is to end on December 12th, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. This album and tour has been the most successful part of her career; it’s going to be hard to top but it seems obvious that whatever Taylor does next, it will be worthwhile.