New Smiling Faces in the Nashoba Main Office

Some would say the secretaries of any high school have one of the most difficult and crucial jobs. This year at Nashoba, we are fortunate enough to add Mrs. Pelletier and Mrs. Femino to our school as the new secretaries. 

In an interview, Mrs. Femino was very positive, kind, approachable, and easy to talk to. It’s good to have a positive attitude in the foundation of our school; all of which helps to build an uplifting environment here at Nashoba.

Prior to her time at Nashoba, she worked in her home town, Hubbardston, as the secretary of the elementary school. She also worked at Quabbin Regional High School for thirteen years as their database administrator, a very similar role to that of a secretary. She says that Nashoba and Quabbin have quite a lot of similarities. The size and the diversity are much the same in both schools. This is good for Femino because she is comfortable managing our amount of students. According to Femino, the students at both schools are wonderful and, for the most part, have great school spirit.

“I love the school spirit here,” she says. “It’s just as strong as it is in Quabbin.”

In addition to being one of Nashoba’s secretaries, she is also the yearbook advisor and has great ambition for this year’s yearbook. All in all, Mrs. Femino is very happy with her position at Nashoba and hopes she can stay for a long time. She loves the students, administration members, and all the staff and can’t wait to spend the years to come here at our school.

The other new secretary we have at Nashoba this year is Mrs. Pelletier.  She has been in the secretary world for a long time; she spent eighteen years at the Westford public schools and before that worked in corporate positions for various companies. However, being a full time secretary is not all she does. She makes her own jewelry and sells it. Message to Junior ladies: she is hoping to sell a lot when prom rolls around! She really enjoys Nashoba so far.

“[Nashoba is] cool,” said Pelletier, “but it’s a whole new world.”

She has been in the secretary world for quite sometime and plans on staying at Nashoba until retirement, so students at Nashoba should get to know Mrs. Pelletier, because she will be here for a while.