The Scoop on Homecoming 2015

The Scoop on Homecoming 2015

Alicia Burrows, Editor

After being stuck in school for a whole month already, students are getting a little antsy- but fear not Nashoba, we have some exciting events approaching. It is officially the start of Homecoming Season. With such strong support for Nashoba Football, this week should be a pretty big deal. To OFFICIALLY start off the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, Nashoba will be having a spirit week, the Homecoming Football Game, and a Semi-Formal Dance to wrap it all up.

Spirit Week began monday, October 5th, so continue to dress your best!! The themes for each day of the week are as follows: Monday was Black Out Day, Tuesday was USA Day, Wednesday was Pink Day, Thursday is Hippie Day, and Friday is Nashoba Spirit Day.

To wrap up the spirit filled week, Nashoba will be hosting the Homecoming Football Game against Marlborough High at 7p.m. on the turf.  As of now, Nashoba has a 4-0 winning streak, so hopefully the boys can keep it up! Remember to keep your spirit going and make sure you are decked out in your Nashoba gear for the game. If you are in need of school spirit, feel free to stop by the school store during lunch on Thursday or Friday so you are dressed your best for the game.

Finally, there will be a Fall-Themed Homecoming Dance on Saturday, the 17th from 7 to 10pm. This dance will be a semi-formal so make sure to dress your best. There will be plenty of snacks and a DJ so get ready for a great time! Elections for Homecoming King and Queen for each class will be held during lunches this week and the winners will be announced at the game on Friday, so don’t forget to cast your vote! Nominations are as follows:


Senior Boys                                  Senior Girls

-Charlie Lamplough                  -Stephanie Palis

-John Mannion                           -Jojo Enzman

-Dan Johns                                  -Allyson Conlin

-Tim Leech                                  -Erica Taft

-Nick Carlucci                            -Emily Recko

-Tyler Hopkins                          -April Mishley

-Kyle Tremblay                         -Marianna Sardella


Junior Boys                              Junior Girls

-James McCaffery                 -Katie Crowley

-Evan Daisy                            -Becky Vangsness

-Nick Nastasi                          -Keagan Castles

-Jake Landry                          -Merideth Curran

-Trevor Manyak                    -Alex Grasso


Sophomore Boys                   Sophomore Girls

-Lucas Cordio                       -Isabel Stringfellow

-Cameron Roberts               -Haley Neff

-Drew Burrows                     -Mary Bussiere

-Sebastian Tommasi           -Averill Meininger

-Michael Peabody                -Meg Carey

-Duncan Wilgress-Pipe      -Madison Brady

                                                -Grace Keith


Freshmen Boys                    Freshmen Girls

-Jonah Davis                        -Elsa Vinacco

-Evan Doig                           -Chloe Spedden

-Kameron Gilchrest           -Sammy Klausner

-Colin Delisle                      -Allie Kovacs

-Alex Rohrberg                   -Samantha Sicard

The Homecoming festivities should be a great start to the fall weather and the school year as whole, so have fun and show your spirit Chieftains!