Mr. McCarthy: Year Two


Jessie Harmon and Kayla Lawlor

Mr. McCarthy is the band and music teacher as of last year, filling in the shoes of Mr. O’Toole, the previous band teacher.
McCarthy is a great fit for the position because he has both sarcasm and sass that everyone enjoys, is a great and hardworking teacher, and is a friend to so many student students that aren’t even in any of the many bands. 

In his first year, Mr. McCarthy took over the band department with ease. With multiple bands, classes, and kids eating lunch in the practice room, he remained relaxed. 

Although Mr. McCarthy has been teaching here at Nashoba for over a year now, he’s still relatively new. There’s a lot to know about Mr. McCarthy and his experiences.

Mr. McCarthy had a lot to say about his teaching position:

“[Nashoba has] a really good reputation for putting the students first and supporting the arts.”

His high school music teacher inspired him to enter his profession. He also mentioned how he ended up becoming a music teacher: “In high school I was back and forth on whether to be an architect or music teacher but I wasn’t very good at architecture- plus [music is] something that I was always interested in doing because I started playing in third grade” McCarthy recalled.

McCarthy used to work full time at Northbridge Middle School and then as “a marching band director at Muthane High School, Oakmont, and Sheppard Hill, as well as the music staff of Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps of Nashua New Hampshire.”

The band teacher also said his adjustment to Nashoba was great: “[It was] awesome; once I got over learning all the kids abilities and seeing what we could do it was awesome.”

This year, Mr. McCarthy feels more prepared and is looking forward to the rest of the year. He described Nashoba as a very welcoming community.

Because we caught him before a football game, he also added that his whistle tasted like hot chocolate (probably because the pep band has their own hot chocolate at every game to stay warm and hyped). Be sure to attend Nashoba’s band concerts in the fall, winter, and spring!