Something New at Nashoba

Kristen Nash, Correspondent

In Nashoba Regional High School there is an abundance of activities stirring around. There’s always something to do, something to be a part of; including clubs, sports, music, etc. This year; there’s a new activity contributing to the well-loved and long known Best Buddies program. This week I interviewed sophomore Cam Storey. We talked about the new activity at Nashoba,The Miracle League. Cam graciously answered a few questions about the new program and told us everything we need to know to get involved.


What is “The Miracle League” all about?


Cam: “The Miracle League is all about assisting special needs kids on playing sports. In this case, baseball. It’s a very fun activity because we just get to go out and play, while helping others.”


What made you decide to join?


Cam: “I love helping out the kids, and it’s a good way to play a sport without having to make the commitment to a competitive team sport that you may or may not have time for. I really enjoy the sport so it’s just a plus that I get to work with special needs kids. I also needed something to do in my spare time.”


Is this Nashoba’s first year doing this? If so, why was it started?


Cam: “Yes, this is Nashoba’s first year releasing this program to the school. I believe in my opinion; they started this program because they wanted students to get more involved into school activities, while trying to give them things they enjoy doing. For example, you may love sports but don’t have the time to join a real team. They can join The Miracle League. It’s a perfect opportunity.”


What’s your favorite part about The Miracle League?


Cam: “My favorite part probably has to be hanging out with the kids and learning things about all of them. It’s fun to hear what they all have to say.”

Who would you recommend doing The Miracle League?


Cam: “Really anyone. You don’t have to be good at the sport to participate. You just have to be ready to get involved and to help out. It’s just a great opportunity for anyone. I would recommend people who want to get involved with best buddies, and work with kids to take part in this activity; or anything with Best Buddies. I know they are always looking for more people to take part in the club.”


Why should people take part in this?


Cam: “Like I said before, it’s just a great opportunity. It’s a lot of fun and requires minimum to none commitment. It’s perfect for anyone out there. People interested in sports, taking care of kids, or even just looking for something fun to do. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something new and interesting to do.”


If you enjoy working with kids or even just playing a outdoor sport, maybe The Miracle League could possibly be for you. For more information you can go onto Nashoba’s school website