Senior Night Insight

Jaque Manyak, Correspondent

As winter approaches fall sports are ending, which means Senior Night is coming up. Senior Night is filled with mixed emotions of excitement, sadness, and honor. Every sport celebrates Senior Night in a similar way, but with their own different twist. The girl’s sport teams cover each senior’s car with streamers and window paint leaving the car looking like it has multicolored chickenpox. All underclassmen athletes join in decorating anything possible to make sure every senior has a perfect night.

Sophia Duros (Junior) had mentioned, “Senior Night is a great opportunity to give the seniors a chance to shine.” She went further into detail on how it doesn’t matter if you’re a bench warmer as a senior because they will get their turn to show everyone what they’re made of. The underclassmen show the seniors how much they love them by giving little gifts, such as food and posters. The senior’s parents are also recognized as they walk onto the court or field to receive a bouquet of flowers. That’s when the tears come flowing in.

Some coaches may think Senior Night is a huge distraction from winning their game, but some athletes have a different input on this honorable night. Theresa Cloutier (Junior), shared her thoughts by saying, ”It’s totally necessary to celebrate what the seniors have done for us.”

Sophia Duros added, ”Senior Night is a must have. Every senior deserves to be recognized for all they have done for us over the past four years.”

Senior Night is important to Nashoba, because it shows all the hard work that the seniors have put in during the season. It’s a night to be remembered and to be made the most of.