Are Football Players Two-Sided?

Brad Colvin, Contributor

Why do football players think they are tough? For some odd reason, every high school team has those few players that think they are tougher than the rest of the student body. But, in reality, these people are just cowards failing to see that they are the problem. A little tip of advice: football players think they are big and tough- don’t offend them or they will go to huge measures to make sure that you are not a threat anymore.

I believe the football team has been a controversial program. In the 2014 season, Nashoba football went 2-5, and this year they are 3-0. Because they are very good at turning things around, they have a false sense of confidence and the power to do what they want. Their over confidence and sense of superiority has made them one of the more unliked programs from a students perspective, but they are still loved by Nashoba faculty. Even though football may be unliked by some, they still gather a huge crowd for every game and put on a show. Football is a fun game to watch because of the big hits and fast paced play; everyone gets involved in the fan section screaming constant chants and getting “rowdy”. The players do, in fact, show heavy emotion to the fan support, thus furthering the over confidence of the players.