Using Social Media to Keep Students Engaged

Abbie Wade, Contributing Editor

[email protected],” the new mission statement adopted by the high school this past spring,
incorporates the school’s core values with their relevance to the ever-evolving learning mediums
of the 21st century: namely, the microblogging social networking service, Twitter. Since its
creation in 2006, high-schoolers have flocked to Twitter as a great way to share their thoughts in
under 140 characters.
Just last year, athletic director, Tania Rich, created the twitter account “@NashobaAthletics”
to keep students informed on the news and scores of Nashoba’s sports teams. Nashoba
News also joined the loop with their twitter “@Cheiftan_Chat,” and even Superintendent
Michael Wood has joined the trend with “@superintendentwood.” Student Council became
the most recent addition from Nashoba when President, Hannah Wright, created the account
(@nashoba_STUCO) last week.
“It’s a good way to publicize StuCo and get new members involved,” Wright said. “High
schoolers check Twitter throughout the day, so we were thinking they’d be more likely to show
up to meetings if they saw a tweet about it.”
    Wright also explained that twitter is a great way to keep students informed about school events
such as Homecoming. She and other student council officers, Izzy Martinez and Kate Jesson,
sent out a survey asking students what they would change about Homecoming. Options
included changing the Homecoming dance to a formal affair or a casual affair such as a bonfire.
“Our main goal is to increase school spirit in Nashoba, and we think that the twitter will definitely
help get students more involved,” Wright concluded. With over seventy followers in its first week
on Twitter, Nashoba Student Council is well on its way to reaching that goal.
For more information, follow Nashoba Student Council on Twitter (@nashoba_STUCO).