Bella Bond Murder Case


Nina Hoag, Contributor

Hearing the official results about how the beautiful 2-year-old, Bella Bond, was murdered breaks everyone’s heart in half. It’s hard to understand why a mother would let that happen to her child. It just doesn’t make any sense. Bella’s mother, Rachel Bond, used to be addicted to drugs, was a prostitute, and had restraining orders over her: which might have been a factor to why she let this happen.

Rachel Bond also has two other children that were taken away from her, so it is very interesting that they let her keep Bella. But the person that has the full blame for this murder is Rachel’s boyfriend, Michael McCarthy. Picture yourself walking along the shoreline and something catches your eye. It’s a bag that you are curious about so you go up to it and notice that there is human body parts inside of it. How would you react?

I talked to some people about what they think about this case. One student from Nashobal, Egan Bachtell, was very appalled by the story: “My thoughts on this case is that it is really disgusting. I think that a life sentence to jail would be appropriate.” People had no idea who this little girl was since June. Everyone knew her as “Baby Doe.” Eventually Michael’s friend, Michael Sprinsky, couldn’t handle the guilt of knowing the truth so he revealed who “Baby Doe” was: “Sprinsky said he had briefly lived with the couple and was disturbed by how they yelled at the girl, demeaned her, spanked her and, on two occasions, locked her in a closet for 30 minutes to an hour.To hear police and prosecutors tell it, Michael McCarthy thought the brown-eyed Bella was a demon and killed her — perhaps by repeatedly punching her in the stomach, perhaps by suffocating her — and Bond helped him dispose of the body. They both stand charged in her murder”. There are so many messed up people in this world it is frightening.

People that do this to little children deserve to have very bad consequences. These types of people have psychological problems that no one in this world will fully understand.

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