Nashoba Athletics takes on Breast Cancer

Sean Pokorney, Contributing Editor

The month of October is dedicated towards raising both awareness and money to find a cure for breast cancer. Both professional and high school athletics have adopted this month deep into their culture. That’s no different here at Nashoba.


The athletes of Nashoba embrace the month of pink on and off the field. On the field, they often will wear pink socks, tape, and even gloves. Members of the field hockey team and volleyball team have gone so far as to even get pink jerseys for the month of October. The girls teams can be seen with glitter in their hair for days.


Off the field, the drive to raise awareness for breast cancer is just as strong. Through pink nights, bake sales, selling of paper ribbons, money collections, and walks, the athletes of Nashoba have raised a lot of money to be donated towards cancer research. On top of that, the teams will often spend hours decorating the gym or field in pink posters and ribbon.


Ms. Rich, Nashoba’s Athletic Director, has said, “Both Field Hockey and Volleyball raised money and did the Making Strides Walk in Boston,” while the boys soccer team raised money during their home game for Red Card Cancer Organization. On Tuesday, October 17, more than $3,000 was raised in one night by the girls volleyball team during their pink night.


Multiple charities, such as the Jimmy Fund, Red Card Cancer, Breast Intentions 01510 (an organization that directly helps those affected by breast cancer in our area), and the The American Cancer Society, will be receiving donations from our sports teams this month.


Ms. Rich pointed out that “The fall captains are the individuals responsible for wanting to raise awareness for cancer during the month of October. It was not my idea. I just told the captains I would support them any way I could.” The athletes here at Nashoba truly do care about the bigger picture and want to make a change, that is clear from the time and effort that they have put into this cause. They weren’t forced to participate, instead that initiated everything.

Ms. Rich sums up the effort of the Nashoba athletes by saying, “It is great to see our teams working together to raise money for an important cause.”