What’s It Like Sharing a School With Your Sibling?

Whats It Like Sharing a School With Your Sibling?

Erin McNemar, Contributor

Siblings. Those people at home that use all the hot water, or eat the last of your favorite food, and take your things without asking. But what’s it like to go to school with them?

This year Lea Markham (Junior) is welcoming her younger brother, Nick Markham (Freshman) to the high school.

Many students don’t particularly like going to the same school with their sibling. Whether it’s the fear of them doing something embarrassing, or the feeling that there’s no possible way to get away from them. It’s just not very high on the list of things people tend to enjoy. However, Lea and Nick have a bit of a different opinion on sharing the high school with each other.

“It’s pretty cool, I like having Nick there and it’s funny when pass each other in hallways,” Lea says.

“It’s nice to see a familiar face,” Nick comments.

Lea and Nick Markham are a great example of a sibling-hood done right. Seeing them interact with each other, one can tell that they are best friends. “Yeah we’re tight. Tighter than a sailor’s knot,” Lea says.

Even though the two are close, do they act differently towards each other at home than they do at school? The answer to that is no. Lea and Nick give each other the same amazing amount of respect and amiable interactions that they would at home. “Seeing each other in the hallway is always funny,” Lea says. “We don’t really run up to each other and say ‘Hi!’ It’s more of a head nod or the raising of an eyebrow.”

As one continues on through school, most students with older siblings know that awkward moment on the first day of school when a teacher asks, “Are you (insert name here)’s sibling?” For Nick this is not an unfamiliar feeling. “Yeah maybe like half of my teachers recognize that I’m Lea’s brother,” Nick states, but he says he doesn’t really mind it.

It’s become a stereotype that the older sibling is “too cool” to hang out with the younger one, but this is definitely not the case with Lea and Nick. “He’s my brother, I’m not going to avoid him, or act like I don’t see him if we pass each other in the hallways, or anything like that.” Lea comments.

They both give each other a terrific amount of support. Nick spoke of how Lea helps him with his homework and they both talked about how they feel that the other has their back.

“We have really great communication with each other,” Lea Markham exclaims. “We’re like psychic you know?” They both laugh at this.

Lea and Nick really appreciate each other and are happy to be in the same school. “Nick is a hard worker, he works hard and I’m glad he’s doing well in high school so far and I’m glad that we’re in the same school again finally because I enjoy his presence,” Lea states.

So is sharing a school with your sibling that bad? Not for these two.

“It’s a blast,” Lea concludes. Siblings may hard to handle sometimes, but in the end they are always there for you.