Students Welcome Wacky Wednesdays


Camden Storey, Contributor

To a parent, starting school late on a Wednesday could seem like one of the strangest and most impractical decisions made by the school board, even in comparison to things such as the exorbitant cookie prices at the snack shack. However, for the students, it is in fact one of the greatest blessings we could ask for. There is finally something reasonable for both teachers and students to come together and agree on.

The purpose of these late starts is to give teachers a chance to keep up with all the work that they don’t have time for. As stated by Mrs. Martell-Bengston: “It was the school graciously giving teachers a chance to catch up and it went very well.”

This time helps give teachers a good chance to get back on track, and gives students an amazing time to get away from the stress and pressure of school.

All students asked about the change say they love the late start and the opportunities they have with this extra time. Many take this extra time to sleep in and fix their sporadic sleep schedules. Others catch up with the studying they’ve been meaning to do for many weeks now. Most students eat the best and most nutritional breakfast they have had in a long time. And almost everyone seems to be very punctual when the beginning of school comes at 9:40.

The late start also allows every student to wake up and to have a clear head fully prepared for a productive day of learning. It appears that everyone is more focused, perky, and simply ready to face the day. These late starts do so much good for everyone and are extremely successful from multiple perspectives. The school year would be rounded out successfully if this could happen more often, and if there were a way to mix in those two classes that are unfortunately missed. For now, students will be reveling in the benefits of a late start almost every other Wednesday.