Allergy Alarm

Allergy Alarm

There was once a time in the not-so-distant past when life was much simpler. People didn’t have to worry about what foods were being consumed around them. Life went on this way with no problems, so it’s easy to wonder if what Nashoba is doing currently is really the best approach to this problem or if this is only perpetuating the problem in everyday life.

It is past the point of attempting to ban certain foods from the schools or segregating kids for their certain needs.  This leads right up to where Nashoba currently stands, trying to bridge a gaping ravine with only Popsicle sticks and marshmallows. Though food regulations at Nashoba have not always been a high concern in recent years, this year it has found itself in the cross hairs.

Due to a supposed recent increase in students with food allergies, the rules have now essentially changed to where any food being eaten outside of the cafeteria becomes the responsibility of the teacher in charge to make sure the area is disinfected with proper wipes. There was no mention of this in the student handbook given to us at the beginning of the year, but it seems very well-drilled into the minds of the faculty.

This new change has disgruntled many students because it means so many teachers no longer allow food in class due to the increased risk. Students want some food when they become peckish and this rule for the few makes their lives increasingly more restricting. If these students won’t have such security in their future are they being set up to live in an unrealistic world?

Why teachers do not have any leniency is another problem of its own. These special wipes are not as readily available as they should be in order to protect the betterment of the students. This questions reflects back to the beginning to where it’s questionable if this is truly the path the school should be taking.

This also poses the question of whose fault it would be if something tragic did happen. With all the students and teachers changing classes, it seems almost futile to fight something that can’t inevitably be controlled. There is no definitive answer, but this won’t holdup for very long.