Nashoba Hockey

There are many rumors about how the Nashoba Regional hockey team will play this season. After the loss of key forwards Kevin Gilchrest, Hunter Boudreau, and Jack Charbaneau; the Chieftains will be looking for young and promising forwards to step up and lead the charge for the reigning state champs. Defense will not be a problem for Nashoba, with all players returning from an overall stellar defensive season last year.

Bryce Chaput will be expected to really take a big role on the team after his remarkable freshman year leading the team in points. The coaching staff for Nashoba is also very talented as Trevor Short showed he was a man with a plan in his first season as head coach. Owen Murphy was also there anytime he was needed with a vast knowledge of the game.

Junior defenseman Bobby Denaro says about the recent five game suspension handed down to Joey Spallone, “You know he really adds a lot of depth to the defensemen and helps out when we need him.” Brett Young also commented on the subject saying that “He really keeps the team’s mood up and he knows how to keep the kids loose.”

During last season, the Chieftains made some pretty big waves from their marginal start to their spectacular finish: the boys really figured out how to work together and finally achieve the ultimate thrill of winning the state championship. Coach Short wasn’t always sure what was best for the team but he pushed through it and with some help from supporting members of the program, he was able to guide the Nashoba Regional Hockey Team into the record books. The upcoming season is prepping to be a big one with the hockey team already preparing and letting its competition know they won’t be starting slow again this year.