Nashoba, Doing Good for Others

Brittany Cormier, Correspondent

Nashoba is a cold place. And I’m not talking about the polar like conditions, (Seriously, penguins could live here, it’s like a freezer).  I’m talking about the general feeling of apathy that radiates from this building like Chernobyl. Like prison. Apparently other students at Nashoba feel the same way but are actually willing to get off their butts and try to fix it. Students like Lyndsey Hawkes, the director of a new group, The Good Young Movement, are trying to improve the school culture and make Nashoba an overall better, friendlier place.

Even though Lyndsey is like Carmen Sandiego and is near impossible to get a hold of, I eventually cornered her and got her to answer some questions about Good Young.

“I am blessed to have many excellent influential people in my life, and they helped me see the goodness in others. Lyndsey said. “Because of them, I was inspired to create something of my own that would transfer that same standard of social excellence to others in our schools and communities.”

The Good Young Movement (GYM) is a newly formed student-run nonprofit organization that performs continuous random acts of kindness to local people and groups of all ages. By planning monthly public events, GYM intends to spread happiness to everyone in the local community. Participating in GYM events is a method to acquire multiple community service hours.

The GYM gives kids an environment where they can volunteer for their community comfortably and have fun while doing it. Lyndsey also wanted the volunteer’s kindness to be remembered, unlike the random acts of kindness sticky notes that were taken down and thrown away. Students who participate in GYM will have every hour spent organizing and planning an event go towards their community service hours need for graduation.

“I would love to see this organization carry on after I graduate, hence the term “Movement”.  Ideally, I would like to continue the GYM throughout my career, involving as many people from different communities as possible, as I believe it’s a great cause that improves social relations in society and creates new friendships by working towards an unselfish common goal.”  Lyndsey said.

The main event GYM hosted last year was Relay for Life, which they received a Rising Star award for their efforts. This spring they hope to host a community photography night, with live entertainment, student photographers, complimentary photographs, and maybe even a red carpet. GYM is open to any and all ideas from students, as long as they are submitted to Lyndsey Hawkes via email by the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm.

Some of the future events GYM will be hosting will include, but are not limited to:

·         Raising money to give to needy families ($)

·         Handing out flowers on people’s birthdays ($)

·         Creating a support group for those in struggle

·         Raising money to clean up and decorate a public venue ($)

·         Staying after school to help younger children with their homework

·         Performing talent shows for the homeless

·         Staking out a wishing well and hand out pennies to passersby ($)

·         Helping people move so they don’t have to rent a truck

“Usually there will be some sort of refreshment, but this is at the discretion of the officer in charge of the project.”

Hear that kids? Free food.

Currently the GYM has close to fifteen involved “ambassadors”, and four group leaders. Divya Krishna (class of 2015) is the treasurer, Sarah Abare (class of 2015) is the secretary, and Cameron Walbridge (class of 2016) is the Assistant Director. GYM welcomes any new members to participate in their monthly events without the stress of long term commitment.

The GYM officers can be contacted from their Facebook page, and soon there will be monthly newsletters sent via email. If you’d like to be on their contact list to receive upcoming event details and how to participate, the above-mentioned GYM members can be contacted for information.

“Not getting too philosophical, GYM is a beginning step towards a better society. People of our young age are often unfairly doubted and/or distrusted, and I believe that if we work towards a common goal of tying happiness, kindness, and compassion into our communities, we can change the negative stereotype held against our generation.”