Hit Television Show ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Crowns its First Winner

Isaac Caldiero Wins One Million Dollars


Angelica Massinger

After 7 seasons of the hit television show American Ninja Warrior, a winner has finally been crowned.

American Ninja Warrior is the ultimate obstacle course competition, with a mix of upper body strength, grip strength, agility, and balance obstacles. There are qualifying rounds in five major cities across the country (and this year, a special military stop for any past or present service members wishing to tackle the course) where the 30 competitors who move the farthest the fastest will advance to the longer and tougher city finals courses. After the city finals, only 15 competitors from each city advance to the even tougher Vegas championships. In addition, there are ‘wildcards’ given to 10 total competitors across the different cities that fail to qualify, allowing them to advance to Las Vegas. The Vegas course, called Mt. Midoriyama, has four grueling stages, which no American had ever completed until Monday, September 14th.

‘Ninja Warrior’ draws in athletes from all across the United States who wish to test their limits of strength, athleticism, endurance, and, above all, willpower. Even the best athletes have failed to complete these courses. Individuals are dedicating their lives to conquering Mt. Midoriyama, and numerous American Ninja Warrior training gyms have been opened across the United States. Competitors come from incredibly diverse walks of life; ‘Ninja Warrior’ competitors have included firemen, doctors, Olympic athletes, former NFL players (including co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila), amputees, service members from every branch of the United States military, the homeless, and more.

Colorado’s Isaac Caldiero would eventually walk away a million dollars richer, however he wasn’t the first American to complete the Vegas course by impressively scaling a 60-foot rope in under 30 seconds. American Ninja Warrior competitor and Maryland-based Geoff Britten completed the course just 3 seconds shy of Caldiero’s winning time, causing Britten to leave Las Vegas empty handed, apart from the title of the very first American Ninja Warrior.

With the show’s growing fan base, renewal for an eighth season, and countless historic athletic moments, many will agree that it was long overdue for a competitor to summit Mt. Midoriyama. Thus, it seems only fitting that at the end of the show’s seventh season and 104th episode we would have crowned an official American Ninja Warrior.