Lish Ventura Hits the Road

Lish Ventura Hits the Road

Erin McNemar, Contributor

After graduating from Nashoba Regional High School last year, Lish Ventura is taking her musical talents on the road with her band, Sweet Sacrifice. Ventura has been working with her label, Crush Media, for two and a half  now and is thrilled to be on this tour. So far she has played at Uncle Eddie’s in Salisbury and at American Legion in Winchendon.

On Friday September 18th, Ventura put on a show in Leominster at the Eagles Hall. The show started a little after 8 PM when the opening band MYCAH began their set, followed by Sweet Sacrifice. Ventura was especially excited about this show because it was her hometown , and many of her friends and family attending. Ventura exclaimed that it was her favorite show, so far, and one of the greatest nights of her life.

Ventura said, “I grew up going to church, so it has really been surrounded by me, my entire life. My dad is also really into music, so I grew up listening to a great variety of different artists that made music a passion for me.”

With this great passion, Ventura knew that performing was something that she always wanted to do.

“I have never felt like I should do anything else besides singing.” she said.

On Revere Nation, a site for artists to upload their music, Ventura’s song hit No. 1 in Boston and No. 5 nationally on the pop charts. She also tops the mid-20’s in many other genres.

Ventura stated, “It’s an honor to have that high of a rating and for other people to love and see my music.”

Right now, Sweet Sacrifice is an Evanescence cover band, but the group has started writing their own music. The band is also in the process of planning a Spring 2016 tour. They are excited to see how far they can take this band. Ventura said that she has high hopes that signing will be her career.

Performing is not a foreign task to Ventura. She has been in several musicals and plays such Les Miserables, Footloose and It’s a Wonderful Life. She was also involved in choir all throughout high school at Nashoba.

“I love getting lost in the moment. I don’t think on stage, I just sing, and being able to escape is surreal and incredibly indescribable. It’s like a drug,” Ventura said.

Ventura is extremely happy with where music is taking her, and she hopes that she can keep doing what she’s doing for a long time.

Photo From Tom Markham