Nashoba School Nurses


Journalism 1

How much do students really know about the staff at Nashoba Regional High School who are not always in the spotlight as a teacher?

At Nashoba, students tend to solely talk to teachers or staff that they see daily. However teachers are not the only ones who have important roles in the school environment. The school nurses work hard every day to help the students at the school. They also love doing it.

When R.N. Rita Ingrisano was asked why she chose to be a nurse, she replied “I love working with children. There is a lot to teach them. They are really fun to be around”.

Nurse Migdalia Rivera agreed when she stated that “the best part of this job is working with kids and meeting all the parents”.

However, being a school nurse has it’s downs as well as Nurse Ingrisano states that the worst part of their job is “handling all the paperwork” and it is “hard to make sure the kids, staff, and parents are all okay.” Despite the hard jobs, both nurses agree it is all worth it. Nurse Rivera has worked at Nashoba as a nurse for eleven years and Nurse Ingrasano for twenty-one years full time and four years part time.

Both nurses chose to go into the medical field because they were inspired by others. Nurse Rivera has a daughter with asthma and she wanted to take care of her. Nurse Ingrasano knew a nurse who inspired her and she thought she “had the neatest job.” The school nurses can help any situation from a headache to a sprained ankle.

From experience, it is easy to see that the nurses care immensely about every single student at the school. They do not take risks when treating students. They do their best to make sure each and every parent it completely satisfied with how their child was taken care of. Their love for the students is obvious every day and most students at Nashoba can say the same with their own experiences. They are easy to talk to and are able to crack a joke about any situation. They’re welcoming and friendly which makes everyone feel comfortable going to them for a problem. The Nashoba Regional High school nurses are some of the nicest, friendliest, and most interesting staff in the school. Students should take more time to get to know them and appreciate them.