Nashoba Means Business at DECA Competitions


Mr. A

Mark Puleo, Contributing Editor

Now in his sixth year as a business teacher at Nashoba, Mr. Andreopoulos has done an amazing job growing Nashoba’s DECA program. The business event gives high school students around the world an opportunity to compete against hundreds of thousands of other students to see where they rank in their respective categories.


Started in 1946, DECA has impacted millions of students and schools through it’s competition and scholarships. DECA’s mission is to “prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.” The contest has three levels of competition, starting with the district/regional level, where the top ten individuals and teams advance to the state competition, held annually in Boston. From states, the top three in each category move to the national competition between the brightest minds in the country. Nashoba sent four members to Nationals last year, the trio of Mike Muldoon, Matt Curtin, and Matt Mudgett along with individual Tristan Taylor.


Before Mr. A began working at Nashoba, participation numbers for our DECA program never topped twenty members, with students rarely making it to the state level. In each year since, participation and success has grown. This year, 110 members are registered to compete (the first time Nashoba has ever reached triple-digits) and Mr. A said he anticipates at least 65 members making it to states. Strongly encouraging participation in each of his business classes, Mr. A gets students involved in all five of his five classes.


Students don’t stop after one year either, emphasised by the returned success and commitment from students like Curtin and Taylor. Serving as DECA Chapter President this year, Curtin has been looking forward to the January 30th district competition all year. “I can’t wait to get started. There has been a lot of work done all year to prepare, and I think we’re going to see great success this year,” said the senior Curtin.


Sean Pokorney, a Nashoba junior, will be competing in DECA for the first time this year, in the Advertising Campaign category. “I joined because I wanted to learn a lot more about business,” Sean said. “I think students love it and the numbers keep increasing because it’s a great way to learn and grow. The rewards and competition aspect are what make it great.”


Another big reason students join DECA is for the experience. Putting on a resume that you competed in DECA looks great and shows that you take your studies in business seriously. Another big piece in the experience aspect is the state competition. More than just a few sit down tests, the state competition allows for some of the brightest minds in the state to come together and meet others while hanging out/making friends. There are dances, games, and karaoke sessions to go along with guest star appearances. Jonathan Kraft, president of the New England Patriots and owner of the New England Revolution, spoke during the conference last year and interacted with the students afterward.

With the district competition on the horizon, students are wrapping up their projects and making final preparations for their tests. Anticipation is ramping up as Mr. A will try to make this his best year yet.